Sunday, February 20, 2011

The sequel to Corridors of Madness - and more!

To my LBP fans - I'm sure you've at least heard of my LBP2 level Corridors of Madness ( link)

Well within the next week or two I hope to have the sequel published! It will be bigger and feature more genre-bending action.

For a small preview, check out one of the songs from the new soundtrack: Insomnia

I write all the music myself that I use in my levels.

This sequel will follow the story of our brave LBP federation captain as you drift into space following his escape from his ship when it was overrun by aliens. Tumbling through space, both physical and metaphysical, you will encounter a strange world with many challenges for survival.

This will feature:

  • Enhanced pseudo-3D rendering engine
  • All original soundtrack
  • Multiple Endings
  • Multiple modes of gameplay

1 comment:

Andrew (Andoryuu) said...

great stuff! the first one was great although i must admit i did not finish it. i may have to go back and finish it now before you release the next one.