Sunday, December 5, 2010

Beaten to the punch, eep!

Anyone reading this blog or watching my youtube lately probably knows about how much time I've been putting into my ray casting techniques for the 360 degree raycaster and the dungeon crawler model, my attempts for full 3D with no layer glitch.

A couple weeks ago I was having a conversation with someone, discussing the limitations - namely clipping sprites against walls. Then it hit me - use the game's depth buffer! I might have to dabble in the layer glitch after all, but I decided to make it a surprise for the community.

But I was beaten to the punch! Checkout Sackenstein 3D by Raphael:

That's ok, at least I got to see what it'd look like in motion and it looks like the resolution can't be too great :( I think this ray casting idea is starting to reach its functional limitations.

Good job Raphael!


Michael said...

Still though, he mentions how he was inspired by your ideas, so good for you! Will you be posting a tutorial for your dungeon crawler level? It might not have the "free roam" aspect of the ray caster levels, but it looks a lot nicer...

Foofles said...

Yes I will and I agree, even in ideal situations it would look a lot nicer and not be as strenuous on the machine.

If I use the layer glitch with my main ray casting approach I can eliminate the pop in effect, but still, resolution and weird texture parallax artifacts would plague my approach, and dizzying 3D artifacts plague Raphael's approach. So... I'm gonna focus entirely on the dungeon crawler style in retail, I'm confident it can be greatly expanded.