Friday, December 17, 2010

Here I come, Android - Trying out 3D on the android

Remember my "Foof Engine" for the PC? My ongoing 3D engine project which was seemingly surrounded in ridiculous characters? :) It was truly a prototype for bigger and better things, and I'm still not ready to showcase what's been going on with that.

BUT! Today I figured I should try my hand on 3D on the Android! I've been working on some Android apps lately (again, will showcase those when I'm ready) and figured it's time to tackle 3D. First vid here:

 Not bad for a day's work I'd say. This was all from scratch and most of the work was spent on writing the mesh class and the math. I got a little spoiled by the D3DX and XNA math libraries. It's been a while since I touched OpenGL but it hasn't changed a bit, anyone familiar with it at all should feel at home with the implementation on the Android.

I rolled a custom model format based on the one I use in the Foof Engine tech demos, but watered down tremendously - no bone weights, no support for normal maps, etc. I think I'll use a simple hierarchy based animation system in favor of more processor intense ones like vertex tweening or bones.

I put all my models and textures into the /res/assets/ folder, this is where you should put all your raw data that you don't want the IDE to give built in ID codes to, so you can access them by name. 

Textures in the sample were borrowed from, and the unicorns are actually a snapshot of ones I made in LittleBigPlanet 2. The mushrooms I drew, aren't they pretty?

Mushroom Mushroom

 But all that aside, the render function right now just consists of clearing the screen and then going through a list of meshes and rendering them. I'm going to create a system of hashes to catalog the textures and meshes like I do in Foof Engine. 

I think I can make something cool out of this, so stay tuned. I have some ideas and this, as usual, is just a prototype for bigger and better things.

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