Sunday, November 21, 2010

LittleBigPlanet 2 - Dungeon Crawler concept

Well folks, here's more from me in LBP2:

This uses similar concepts to my pseudo-3D raycaster except the 3D illusion is even more fake and you're restricted to moving in sort of "tiles" and can only turn in 90 degree angles.

Those restrictions make it easy to make some detail though, in this sample I have 3 unique "corridor" tiles, corner tiles, and a "dead end" tile. Also a "Monster".

I'm thinking of making this into a full fledged game complete with mazes, doors you can unlock with keys, and of course monsters. Also need to improve the rendering process slightly. It only uses about a single notch on the thermometer so it has plenty of room for variety!

The main differences between this and my other ray caster are that this launches a single ray outwards and while it does stop when it hits a wall, it also reads every grid tile it hits before it gets there - the other ray caster is not bound to a grid and only reads up to a wall. I will provide a very in-depth series of videos about both systems, including the full theory and implementation through the next couple of weeks.

But in short, for each level of distance there is a slice on the display, that is why it has this gridlocked sort of appearance. A very necessary limitation to achieve the cool textures. Which are at the moment just cheated with stickers, as indicated by their low resolution and the beta info text in the bottom corner of each slice. Higher quality art can be done by manually drawing with holo material.

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Michael said...

This was awesome. Am looking really forward to your explaination.