Saturday, November 20, 2010

LittleBigPlanet 2 - Get modularity with microchips.

Did you know you can turn microchips into easily reusable functions? You can give them custom-named inputs and outputs and use them just like the built in logic tools!

Check out the video here:

Here is a small tutorial that should give you some ideas on how you can create easily reusable pieces of logic that I will henceforth call functions.

When you wire to and from a microchip, it creates ports and will remember where each port is wired to, so you can then copy the microchip and plug in any acceptable input into a port. Functions do not have to return anything, but in this simple example we're going to make a function that implements a "dead - zone" : The signal will only be used if it fits within a certain % range.

A sequencer set to "Input Mode : Positional" Will use its analog input to adjust the current play cursor to fit within the given % of the total range. Confused?

For example: If your sequencer has 10 columns and you feed a signal of 50%, the cursor will rest right between column 5 and 6 - activating anything there such as batteries and tags.

I use this to provide a threshold. Keep in mind, only the absolute value is taken into consideration: A value of -50% will still be halfway on the sequencer.

Anyway, hope this helps. This is fully scalable to any amount of inputs/ outputs until the game crashes. :) Just remember the one on the bottom ALWAYS activates/deactivates the entire chip.

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