Saturday, January 16, 2010

By the Broccoli in my hand...

Yes you see right. That is a flying saucer fighting a giant broccoli.

Video here :

What's new? Well I finally figured out what was wrong with my directional shadowmapping... embarrassing, really. I didn't realize that in orthogonal projection the z is already clamped between 0 and 1, I kept trying to divide it further by Z far... oops!

The decals are painted using a way I kind of theorized on my own, still needs work. Basically, a billboard quad is rendered and then we figure out the distance to the pixel behind it to figure out the tex coords and all that jazz. I will explain it more coherently when I have it perfected.

The bonus of this is no monkeying around with copying geometry, finding tex coords, etc. nonsense... this gives us seamless decals across all static geometry. FUN!


Drakon136 said...

LOL! That's amazing! What're you gonna add next, a giant pineapple that tries to kill you? LOL

Foofles said...

Well, you certainly called it didn't you :P