Friday, January 22, 2010

Foof Engine - Cheese Kung Fu, Grapes of Wrath, and cel shading!

All sorts of things going on in this update... first of all, I decide to try to give the cheese some melee moves. Yup.. MELEE MOVES! He can punch and kick and smack up a few 'nanners and... newcomers! A grape enemy that if in pursuit of Mr. Cheese will throw a grape grenade every few seconds. He also emits some grapes that go squishy when you kill him.

Also put in a rudimentary cel shading technique. Very rudimentary, first of all it clamps all lighting in bands and sort of checks for contrast in depth or normals to decide what an edge is. I sort of hacked it together independently, I'm sure there are better filters out there to find edges, but whatever! For now it works!

Also very interesting is my improved animation system... support for multiple tracks in my foof 3D format! Smooth blending between animations! Having separate bones play separate animations! Hoorah! Still needs LOADS of work.

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Phil said...

Foofles being a big fan I'm extremely curious how I myself would go about creating a game engine (I do understand that there is quite a few years experience needed) but what im actually asking for is the very basic start point and the general direction to head in? If you could give me any hints so i can focus my efforts on learning something you will help me big time