Thursday, January 14, 2010

Foof Engine - Flying Saucers, Env Mapping, also pew pew

UFOs hate bananas

Well, I decided to work on this thing more. First of all, I changed my skybox. First it was just a cube with a sky texture being drawn before everything else. Now it's sampling a cubemap based on the eye vector, it looks much smoother, the cube distorts funny. There is also a sun that correlates to a Sun Direction variable, so it will always appear correctly in the sky and can move around dynamically. I'll show that when I have a good directional shadowmapping implementation.

Since I already have a cubemap for the sky, I can just sample it on other things to give a reflection effect. Didn't take long to implement that.

Also showing collisions between spheres and terrain (the fireballs). This is probably the first "AI" I ever actually created, if it counts... the bananas just kind of run around in circles until you shoot them and they blow up into chunks of bologna. There is no physics, they just start out flying forward in a random direction and pitch continuously downward until they disappear, I think it works well enough.

Just the pyramids and the skybox:

Pew pew, banana shoot out:

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